Private / In-house Tuition

HSK exam preparation course, English, French, German, Japanese and Korean are also available! Please feel free to contact us for details.


In House Training Packages


Cantonese and Mandarin in-house-training Courses:


  • different packages catering to your needs
  • for Beginners ; Intermediate ; Advanced Levels
  • for business and for pleasure
  • for expatriates, locals and overseas chinese



Cost Effective Lessons:


  • Proven teaching methods bringing out the best in every student in the shortest possible time.



Flexible Training Schedules:


  • Training Schedules especially tailored to cater for your every need.
  • Name the time and the place and leave the rest to us.



Qualified and Experienced Teachers:


  • Teachers with a wealth of practical and academic experience using the latest teaching methods.
  • All of our teachers undergo a series of training programs and they will be assessed until we are satisfied with their performance before they are assigned to conduct courses.



Management Support:


  • Student evaluations, performance appraisals and end of course exams are included as standard in our management support policy.


There is a long list of clients who have renewed contract after contract with HKLLC. This can only mean one thing, courses provided are indeed effective, cost wise and of exceptional quality.

Price List


Private / In-house Arrangement

1 Student

2 Students

3-4 Students

5-6 Students

7-8 Students

50 hrs. or above

HK$360-/hr hr

HK$440-/hr hr

HK$500-/hr hr

HK$650-/hr hr

HK$800-/hr hr

31-49 hrs.

HK$400-/hr hr

HK$480-/hr hr

HK$560-/hr hr

HK$720-/hr hr

HK$880-/hr hr

11-30 hrs.

HK$500-/hr hr

HK$580-/hr hr

HK$660-/hr hr

HK$820-/hr hr

HK$980-/hr hr

1-10 hrs.

HK$600-/hr hr

HK$680-/hr hr

HK$760-/hr hr

HK$920-/hr hr

HK$1,080-/hr hr

1. All the above rates are for basic packages.
2. Travelling fee may be charged according to venue for the class
3. HK$140-per hour for each additional participant
4. For further details or special packages, please contact us.
5. Course material fee not included (Standard material HK$150-/ Set, HSK material HK$300-/Set)


Packages for Special Needs:

·  Commercial Mandarin / Cantonese

·  Mandarin / Cantonese for Estates

·  Finance Mandarin / Cantonese

·  Mandarin / Cantonese for Telecommunication

·  Banking Mandarin / Cantonese

·  Mandarin / Cantonese for Insurance

·  Hotel Mandarin / Cantonese

·  Mandarin / Cantonese for law firms

·  Survival Mandarin / Cantonese

·  Mandarin / Cantonese for accountant

Tailor made packages are available!  Please contact us for more details!



Examination Preparation Courses:

·   HSK 漢語水準測試Chinese Proficiency Exam 

·   English 英文 for DSE

·   Chinese 中文 for IB/GSE/GCSE

·   Japanese Proficiency Test 日本語能力測試

·   German 德文 for IB/GSE/GCSE

·   German 德文Basic to Advanced Levels

·   Korean 韓文 Basic to Advanced Levels

·   French 法文Basic to Advanced Levels